Will I be able to view my photos before I order?

Yes; your photographer will show you a slideshow after they have taken and edited the photos. You will have a password protected gallery on our website for two weeks also where you can order your images after you leave the hospital.


Can I use multiple outfits?

We typically photograph a baby in one outfit and in his/her diaper. The session is only 10-15 minutes long and your baby will get fussier the more times he/she is changed. However, if you do have multiple outfits you would like to use, that is up to the discretion of your photographer and how much time they have that day.


Can we include siblings or parents in the photos?

The hospital session is meant to focus on your new addition, being that it is only a 10-15 minute session.      


Do I have to place my order on the day of the session?

You are not obligated to purchase on the day of your session, however it is beneficial to order while you are in the hospital because you receive our discounted brochure prices.


How long do you keep my images?

We keep our images on file for up to 6 months.


How many images are there on the CD?

The CD includes all of the images in your gallery, typically 20-25 images.


How long are the images posted on your website?

Your gallery is posted for two weeks after the day of your session.


When and where does the session happen?

The session is done in the comfort of your birthing suite usually the day after you deliver. The photographer may wait until the second day after birth if you had a C-section.


Do I have to schedule the session with you?

No; our photographers ask every mom after they have delivered if they are interested in having newborn photos taken.


Why can’t I view my gallery online anymore?

Your gallery expires two weeks after the date your photos are taken. If you think you may have the wrong password, you can contact your photographer or our office to confirm it.